Zach Fetters

Welcome to my website, my name is Zachary! I am a hobbyist web developer, graphic designer, and overall tech nerd. This website used to hold blog posts but I rarely have time to make them and social media does good enough to host my thoughts, so now it’s an info-dump. Use this site to learn more about me, my projects, and where you can find me on the Net! As a note, this site collects no analytics of any kind, nor does it require JavaScript. It was made using Jekyll, HTML, CSS, and is currently hosted on my home server running Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS, using nginx and proxied through Cloudflare.

About Me

…and much more!


Please note that I am not known for finishing projects, so don’t get too attached to anything you see.

Current Projects

Get in touch

I can be reached via email at or via the following sites:

Here’s the other places I’m at on the Net:


Here’s a download link to my current resume. If you want an unredacted version, please get in touch using the details above.

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Zachary Fetters (Git Signing Key) <>

(Note: I only use this key to sign my git commits, not for communication.)

Fingerprint: DD86FE6C1975B36C4D81FEF9A3C0FAD652FE668B

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