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You can use the form below to quicky get in touch for any questions, comments, and (maybe) concerns:

For those who hate simple contact forms, you can reach out via encrypted mail to the following address using my public keys: me (at) zachfetters (dot) com. (I accept unencrypted mail at this address too, but I prefer encrypted mail.)

ECC (Curve25519) - Preferred

Email Address:
Fingerprint: 56cd158639e5767872f4e342af90b988ab97ed96
Download: me@zachfetters.com_ECC.txt

RSA (4096) - Legacy

Email Address:
Fingerprint: 7e1171848593779c8fecb5c0af0c6b284322a9ae
Download: me@zachfetters.com_RSA.txt

GitHub Signing Key (RSA 4096)

NOTE: Do not use this key for any email correspondence. This is for auditing purposes by having a public record of the key I use to sign my GitHub commits from the 12th of March, 2023 onward. Due to operating system changes, the keys I used for signing commits prior to this date are no longer available and any commits signed with these keys are now marked as ‘unverified’.

Email Address:
GitHub Account: zfett
Key ID: 927B69DF620AE1EA
Download: zachfett@protonmail.com_GSK_RSA.txt