About Me

Hello! My name is Zachary and I am a hobbyist web designer and programmer from the U.S. I’ve been dabbling in design and programming since I was 11 years-old, starting in early middle school. While I’ve never had a career in it, I get more than enough passion out of doing it in my free time. With this, I also have very many other interests, such as writing, YouTube content creation, gaming, computer repair, etc.

This site serves as a host for any thoughts I may have on just about any topic that interests me; like technology, art, music, and more. While I tend to stray away from more controversial topics, I feel the need to add this bog-standard boilerplate anyway: the thoughts and opinions present on this site do not reflect the opinions of my employers or any organizations I’m present in.

For the more technically-inclined who are wondering about my website and where it’s hosted: it’s a custom theme for Jekyll, with the code hosted on GitHub and served via Netlify. I also use Netlify’s CMS library to make creating and publishing posts easier than editing the markdown myself. I highly recommend this for those looking to create a blog or any other site on a budget since the only thing I pay for is my domain. It is a lot more technically complicated than just starting a blog on WordPress or some other equivalent, but it’s cheaper and you gain a heck of a lot more customization and control.